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As current manuscripts work their way through a thorough development process, we hope
you will find entertainment in the blog and social media interactions. The Muse works with
our Procrastination Puck to bring writing prompts, bullet journaling spreads, writing advice
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Thank you for joining us on fiction’s darker side, may the moon ever illuminate your path.

-Fiona A. Elder


Working Title: Barely There
Subject/Genre: Adult Fiction; Supernatural, Romance
Pages: ~480
Front Flap: Returning home after five years abroad as a cultural photographer, Kiara finds the town of Garvey is not quite as she left it.
Will love or the supernatural tear her apart first. 

Progress: Editing

Next Up: Looking for beta readers, interested? Apply through our contact page. Thank you.



Working Title: Fiend or Bust
Subject/Genre: Adult Fiction; Supernatural
Pages: unknown
Front Flap: Vesta is a rookie on the force working with experienced detective, Myla, on increasingly bizarre cases. Night in the city is full of terrors, forcing them to look into a different kind of underworld for clues.

The question is, what is Vesta really training for?

Progress: First draft nearly complete


NaNoWriMo Preparation : Character Development

Getting into character.haracter development can be one of the more enjoyable parts of preparing your story. Pro tip, it can also be a great way to overcome writer’s block. For Part 1 we’ll look into some ways to get started with your characters. Every writer has a different style, so this list is more suggestions and character prompts for inspiration. Note, most of this will not make it into your novel. A well-defined character will make writing them easier, give motives for their reactions, and help make them more 'real' in the writer's...

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Writing Prompt: Lava Lights

Wishing you multi-colored light in the darkness. Writing Prompt: Its eyes picked up the ghost of the dive bar’s multi-colored lights in the distance. In the pitch beyond, sharp cracks pierced the night air, warningof the lava below. If this sparked some inspiration, please feel free to leave a comment here or on the myriad of social media options sharing or linking to your words.* *any blatant spam, lewd, unproductive, or commercial posts will be deleted; please be considerate in your feedback. Thank you!  Facebook Twitter Instagram *Lifts coffee mug in salute* Writing prompts,...

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