Homophones: Tail vs. Tale vs. Tell

It’s easy to get these mixed up, especially when dictating. Post originally part of the #Blogtober2018, Day 3.

Today in homophones we have tail vs. tale vs. tell.


I wish to tell you a tale about a dragon whose tail was always getting him in trouble.


Tail (noun) : the appendage from the rear of an animal; the back side; side opposite of heads on a coin

Tail (verb) : to follow, commonly in secret


Tale : a story fictional or non-fictional, recounted in writing or orally passed down


Tell (verb) : the vocalizing of information; to give commands

Tell (noun) : expression, tick, gesture, etc that gives away information

Curious about more commonly misspelled, miscommunicated, and misinterpreted words?
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  1. Piyush Nayak

    Tell-please Tell me i am telling you.
    Tail-the cow uses its tail to fly off the insect.
    Tale-he is telling a tale.


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